Workout and Exercises

Check some of our moves with the Buddy Ball Band to get more core activation without any disruption like falling or rolling. We have a variety of movements that you can try depending on your fitness level.


Our band fits any Pilates ball or bender ball traditionally used worldwide. Our bundle comes with the band and the ball to make it easier for you at the gym or at home. Or you can also buy the band alone to use with any ball at your local gym.


Please always check with your physician before beginning our exercise program. If you experience any discomfort please stop use immediately and consult with your doctor.

Get also a free private exclusive exercise video developed by professional fitness trainer with routines designed to get your core, butt and legs the in the most amazing shape possible when you buy our band.


Begin your workout with the 4 core moves that will start shaping your abs! with Buddy Ball Band.



Stay tuned for our weekly classes and subscription channel coming soon with our Fitness Trainer Roxanna Benjamin.

Leg extension/Squeeze

Standing Extension/Squeeze 


 Glutes Bridge/Squeeze