Our Story

We are on a Mission!

SynapFitness is more than a workout—it's a journey to discover your Spark!

We believe in empowering women through the science of neuroscience, redefining fitness as a holistic experience.

Train your body, train your mind—because true strength lies in the harmony of both.

Our programs are designed to tap into your neural potential, unleashing a version of yourself you never knew existed.

Join the movement that goes beyond the surface, where every drop of sweat is a step towards self-discovery. Are you ready to find your Spark?

Personalized for Women Like YOU!

Our CEO knows all women are different and our programs work with mind and body.

The main issue for moms and women over 40 is that we are running on cortisol (the stress hormone) without knowing it and that makes us stressed, reactive, we get digestive issues and a lot more!

When we are like this we cannot lose weight effectively. Yikes!

At Synapfitmess we teach you to be your best version rewiring your mind and giving you the best workouts and tools to get the best results for your body.