Train your body, train your mind—because true strength lies in the harmony of both.

Our Vision & Mission

SynapFitness is more than a workout program. it's a journey to discover your inner Spark!

We believe in empowering women through the science of neuroscience, redefining fitness as a holistic experience.

Our mission is to create a new brand that encompasses Fitness, Mind, and Wellness for women in different stages of life. As our bodies change, our needs do too and our nervous system.

We use proven techniques that come from science so you can live a more fulfilling life without crazy diets or workouts that increase your cortisol.


Paula Echeverri

Neuroscience Expert, CEO Synapfitness, BBB CEO

Rose Mendes

Beauty and Health Guru, Synapfitness Nutrition Guide

Sandra Cano

BBB Trainer and Fitness Expert

Ginelle Ruffa

Doctor of Physical Therapy, BBB Trainer

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100% Natural Holistic ways

Backed by Neuroscience

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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

I love the complement programs and support I received thru this experience. It was really nice to combine and complement, mind and body with different approaches.

Ximena Diaz, Mom

"This workout system was my savior, it helps to get stronger and lean. Also includes a pdf to start using it on routines and brain training. I just love the concept and is unique! Is easier and practical to do the exercises anywhere .

"Speaking from an instructor's point of view I can attest to how distracting it can be to have the exercise ball roll away. The BBB system is a very mindful workout!

“The Buddy Ball Band is a creative prop combo that reduces the potential ball drop during an intensive Barre class! Keeps the ball right where you want it 👌.”