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Our BBB Trainers

If you want to be a trainer please email us buddyballcontact@gmail.com to be added to our group of trainers.

Sandra Cano, California
Fitness Trainer, Zumba instructor and Choreographer.

Sandra Cano is a very experienced Fitness Trainer and  dance choreographer in the Bay Area who helps new BBB users with some new moves each week in combination with our signature moves in a class live. You can join us every week and enjoy her gentle but effective way of teaching how to use Buddy Ball Band in many moves.
Follow Sandra in her Instagram at sandra_cano_dance to see her classes and new moves with Buddy Ball Band.


Kenia Sallangou, London England.

Join Kenia Sallangou class. She is now a Buddy Ball Band Fit instructor and also a Pilates teacher. 

Kenia is from Venezuela and she LOVES a healthy lifestyle and is also specialized in Nutrition and Dieting. 

She is a great dancer and lives with her husband and teenage daughter near London.

Follow Kenia in Instagram under the.food.nutrition.coach for her tips and classes with the BBB Fit.



Ginelle Ruffa  Pilates teacher, dancer, Fitness Trainer, Model and was Miss Florida too.

She has a great knowledge of the body as a dancer but her trainings are hard core for your body, mind and soul.

She teaches BBB in the Moviing app.


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