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We sell wholesale to gyms, Pilates and barre studios. To get a starter pack of 10 bands for $170 or more just send us an email to we will send you a code to buy and get a wholesaler discount.

Buddy Ball Band is in the process of creating many workouts with experts in Fitness, barre, Pilates and more. We also want to get in touch with local fitness experts to offer classes with the Buddy Ball Band.

Partnership Options:

-If you are a fitness expert interested in creating a workout with our patented band and get money from selling our class.

-You are a studio or gym owner who wants to get our workout in your gym or studio to offer more variety to students.

-Sell our system and band in your retail location.

-You are a fitness influencer? we will provide you a discount code and you get 30% of sales made by your code.

Please contact